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Past seminars organised by SUCCESS

The following seminars were organised by SUCCESS in the past.  Interested persons are welcome to visit SUCCESS to view the videos of previous SME seminars.  For enquiries, please call 2398 5133.


June 2018  

Date Title
06.06.2018 IP College – How to Protect your Brand & Develop Mainland Market
14.06.2018 Tapping the Thai Consumer Market Opportunities
20.06.2018 Coaching: The Language of Leadership for Engagement and Performance
25.06.2018 Business Competition and Innovation
28.06.2018 Enhancement Measures for Funding Schemes


May 2018  

Date Title
04.05.2018 Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) Seminar
10.05.2018 "SME Account Opening and Banking Services"
21.05.2018 "Enhancement Measures for SME Funding Schemes"
25.05.2018 "Start-up sharing and support"
28.05.2018 "Credit Risk Management"


April 2018  

Date Title
10.04.2018 Enhancement Measures for SME Funding Schemes
18.04.2018 "Technology Voucher Programme"
27.04.2018 Sales Strategy: How to Increase Sales by Discovering Customer’s Hidden Needs?


March 2018  

Date Title
26.03.2018 "Mobilising your people through Coaching"
21.03.2018 "Technology Voucher Programme"
16.03.2018 "The Belt and Road Initiative and Hong Kong SMEs"
14.03.2018 "Enhancement Measures for SME Funding Schemes"


February 2018

Date Title
07.02.2018 "Digital Marketing in a New Era Series (2) – Precise Advertisement and Responsive Website "


January 2018

Date Title
30.01.2018 "Enhancing Operation Efficiency and Customer Service of Shops"  
24.01.2018 "Getting Prepared for Business Opportunities in the Bay Area"  
16.01.2018 "Technology Voucher Programme"


December 2017

Date Title
13.12.2017 "Effective training strategies using new media 2.0"  
4.12.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) Seminar"


November 2017

Date Title
30.11.2017 "SME Banking Services and Financial Health"  
17.11.2017 "Innovative Talent Training and Development’ Opportunities"  
9.11.2017 "Sales and Branding Strategy: How to Redefine DVP (Distinctive Value Proposition) for Revenue Growth"  
7.11.2017 "Briefing on Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operators (HKAEO) Programme"  
1.11.2017 "Handling Intellectual Property Infringement"


October 2017

Date Title
30.10.2017 "Use E-Commerce for Overseas Markets’ Opportunities"  
25.10.2017 "Online Promotion Strategies for Developing Mainland Market"  
13.10.2017 "Talent Development in the Era of Disruption"


September 2017

Date Title
21.09.2017 "Innovative Talent Management in the Changing Labour Market"  
18.09.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme"  
04.09.2017 "Intellectual Property and Cross-Border Commerce Dispute Mediation"


August 2017

Date Title
30.08.2017 "Digital Marketing in a New Era Series (1) – Content Marketing"  
07.08.2017 "Staying Resilient Series – CEO Talk II: Overcoming Challenges"


July 2017

Date Title
21.07.2017 "Techonology Voucher Programme"  
20.07.2017 "Upgrading Sales Leaders' Strategic Roles for Revenue Breakthrough"  
10.07.2017 "Overcoming Adversity for Success"  
06.07.2017 "Use of Government Funding and Testing and Certification for Brand Building and Profit Growth"


June 2017

Date Title
28.06.2017 "Latest Trends and Use of Global E-Commerce"
13.06.2017 "Credit Risk Management and Control of Bad Debts"
09.06.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme"
02.06.2017 "Government Funding Schemes and Banking Services for SMEs"


May 2017

Date Title
15.05.2017 "Entrepreneurship Opportunity: Online Shop"
11.05.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme"


April 2017

Date Title
27.04.2017 "Entrepreneurship Opportunity in the Mainland for SMEs"
21.04.2017 "SME Banking Services"


March 2017

Date Title
29.03.2017 "Business Growth through Revitalizing Sales Force"
23.03.2017 "The Competition Ordinance"
14.03.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme"
07.03.2017 "Leveraging upon Facebook to capture more business opportunities"


February 2017

Date Title
28.02.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme"
24.02.2017 "Effective Caring Policy - Tips for Caring Employers"
16.02.2017 "Practical Legal Matters for SMEs"
13.02.2017 "Technology Voucher Programme"

January 2017

Date Title
12.01.2017 "Staying Resilient Series – Human Capital: Empowering Employees"

December 2016

Date Title
06.12.2016 "Staying Resilient Series – Human Capital: Recruiting Employees"

October 2016

Date Title
19.10.2016 "Import and Export Trade Practice"
17.10.2016 "Staying Resilient Series – Human Capital: Searching for Talent"

September 2016

Date Title
14.09.2016 "SME’s Cloud Security Forum"
13.09.2016 ""SME Export Marketing Fund" briefing: How to prepare documents to apply for promotional activities on electronic platforms (Details in Chinese)"
09.09.2016 "Staying Resilient Series – Operation: Low-cost Online Marketing"
01.09.2016 ""SME Export Marketing Fund" briefing: How to prepare documents to apply for promotional activities on electronic platforms (Details in Chinese)"

Last Review Date : 26 April 2018