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22 March 2023

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The Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) is an information and advisory centre for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) run by the Trade and Industry Department (TID).  If you are looking for free business information and practical consultation services, please contact SUCCESS.

Our website:
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Our customer hotline:(852)2398 5133
(Service hours of hotline and counters: Monday to Friday 8:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m. & 1:30 p.m.-5:45 p.m., other than public holidays)

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"Four-in-One" Integrated Services of SMEs Centres

To strengthen support for SMEs and to raise SMEs' awareness of the various funding schemes and support services, the TID consolidated the services of the existing four SMEs centres, namely, the "SUCCESS" under the TID, the "SME Centre" under the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the "SME One" under the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the "TecONE" under the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), in October 2019 to provide one-stop "Four-in-One" integrated services for SMEs.  Enterprises can obtain business information, funding schemes information and advisory services, etc. at any of the Centres.  In addition, a web portal called "SME Link" is also established for SMEs to access comprehensive information and support services from a single online platform.

The SME Link website:

Events & Activities of the SME Link

The "Events & Activities" of the SME Link facilitates enterprises to obtain information on activities organised by the four SMEs centres and various Government departments, including seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, training courses, etc., from a single platform, and also provides relevant links to facilitate registration.

The "Events & Activities" of the SME Link:


What's New

SUCCESS Activities

Latest Trend of Self-media Marketing: Application of Artificial Intelligence (Seminar)

(This seminar will be held by SUCCESS on 29 March 2023 at Trade and Industry Tower)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely adopted around the world in recent years and become a helpful assistant to self-media.  In this seminar, an online marketing expert will explain the trend and application of AI in self-media production, including automatic generation of copywriting for short films using ChatGPT, creation of promotional graphic images using AI drawing software, as well as production of virtual anchor short videos using AI software, with a view to assisting SMEs in making good use of AI in formulating marketing strategies and keeping pace with the latest market developments.  (This seminar will be conducted in Cantonese.)

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SUCCESS-supported Activities

I. New Phase of Cleaner Production Partnership Programme (2020-2025) : Promotion of Organic Waste and Food Waste Treatment Technologies (Webinar)

(This webinar will be live-streamed on 29 March 2023)

This webinar is organised by the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme Secretariat.  SUCCESS is one of the supporting organisations.  This webinar will introduce the Partnership Programme and share the technologies of organic waste and food waste treatments, with a view to assisting the manufacturing and relevant industries to better understand the local cleaner production technologies.  (This webinar will be conducted in Cantonese)

More Details (in Chinese only)

II. Cross-border and GBA Business Embracing Unlimited Business Opportunities (Event)

(This event will be held at the Hong Kong Retail Management Association on 14 April 2023)

This event is organised by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association.  SUCCESS is one of the supporting organisations.  This event will share the market opportunities and marketing strategies of electronic commerce in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), the application of fintech, etc. with a view to assisting SMEs in exploring cross-border opportunities and expanding businesses in the GBA.  (This event will be conducted in Cantonese.)

More Details (in Chinese only)


Copyright (Amendment) Ordinance 2022 will come into effect from 1 May 2023

The Copyright (Amendment) Ordinance 2022 updates the Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528) to strengthen copyright protection in the digital environment, including introducing:

  • an exclusive technology-neutral communication right for copyright owners and criminal sanctions against infringements of the concerned new right
  • several new and expanded copyright exceptions to maintain an appropriate balance between copyright protection and reasonable use of copyright works
  • a "safe harbour regime" for incentivising online service providers to co-operate with copyright owners in combating online piracy

Government to retain five testing points for providing self-paid nucleic acid testing service starting from 22 March 2023

The Government announced on 15 March 2023 that the demand for nucleic acid testing service has significantly decreased recently following the gradual lifting of pre-departure COVID-19 nucleic acid testing requirements around the world.  Therefore, the Government will retain the operation of five community testing centres and community testing stations (CTC/CTSs) only to continue the provision of self-paid nucleic acid testing service starting from 22 March 2023, whereas the remaining 16 existing CTC/CTSs will cease operation from the same day.

Having reviewed the recent service situation, the demand for nucleic acid testing service is expected to keep on lowering.  For better utilisation of resources, the Government will retain the following five CTC/CTSs with higher usage (see Annex for details) to continue the provision of self-paid nucleic acid testing service for citizens who need to obtain test results (e.g. certifications for work or travelling purposes) from 22 March 2023.

  1. Edinburgh Place, Central
  2. Leighton Hill Community Hall, Causeway Bay
  3. Henry G Leong Yaumatei Community Centre
  4. Lek Yuen Community Hall, Sha Tin
  5. Yuen Long Town East Community Hall
The five CTC/CTSs will remain open from 10am to 8pm daily and will be closed from 1:30pm to 2pm/2:30pm for deep cleaning and disinfection.  For details of the self-paid testing service and pricing arrangements, please refer to the following webpage:  "Express self-paid service" is primarily intended for offering greater convenience for individual citizens in need with limited quota on a first-come, first-served basis.

Apart from those five testing points, a rapid nucleic acid testing centre operating 24 hours a day is being set up at Hong Kong International Airport to enable travellers to undergo self-paid tests prior to departure and obtain results within two hours.  Citizens may also make their own arrangements for nucleic acid tests provided by local testing institutions.  The list and locations of nucleic acid testing institutions recognised by the Government can be found on the following webpage:

The 16 CTC/CTSs about to cease operation will revert to their original community and recreational uses as soon as practicable.  All the 64 community and recreational sites released earlier have been returned to the venue managers.

The Government will continue to review the demand for nucleic acid testing and maintain close communication with testing contractors.  Depending on actual circumstances, the Government will cease operation of all CTC/CTSs in due course.  Upon the closing of all CTC/CTSs in the future, citizens requiring testing service may continue to undergo self-paid tests at testing institutions recognised by the Government.

For relevant press release, please visit

New round of innovative programmes launched upon appointment of third batch of SIE Fund intermediaries

The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) Task Force announced on 17 March 2023 the successful appointment of four organisations as the third batch of intermediaries.  A new round of initiatives under innovative programmes will be launched to provide support for more social entrepreneurs, thereby fostering the continuous development of the social innovation ecosystem.

The four intermediaries appointed are Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd (FSES), the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), MakerBay Foundation Limited (MakerBay) and Oxfam Hong Kong (Oxfam).  They are knowledgeable and experienced organisations in promoting social innovation.  The new round of innovative programmes is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2023.  More information can be found on the SIE Fund website (

The SIE Fund looks forward to working with the intermediaries closely on promoting social innovation and entrepreneurship, which can in turn enable more social entrepreneurs to address social needs with their innovative ideas, products and services, and assist the Government in formulating targeted poverty alleviation initiatives.  It is expected that the four intermediaries will fund and incubate more than 240 innovative projects during the three-year engagement period.

The SIE Fund was inaugurated in 2013 and is overseen by the SIE Fund Task Force under the Commission on Poverty.  The Task Force Secretariat is established in the Efficiency Office under the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau.  By facilitating social innovation and cultivating social entrepreneurship, the SIE Fund aims to have an impact in alleviating poverty and social exclusion, promote social integration as well as enhance the well-being and cohesion of society.  The Fund engaged two batches of intermediaries in 2015 and 2020 respectively to provide incubation and support for individuals and organisations to take forward innovative projects of a different nature that create a social impact, and further enhance the development of the social innovation ecosystem.

For relevant press release, please visit

2023 Award Scheme for Learning Experiences under Qualifications Framework opens for applications until 31 May

The 2023 Award Scheme for Learning Experiences under the Qualifications Framework (QF) opens for applications from 17 March until 31 May 2023.  Practitioners from 23 industries implementing the QF (see Annex) are welcome to apply.

The Award Scheme aims to encourage practitioners who have excelled themselves in continuous learning to broaden their horizons through engaging in learning activities held locally or around the world, enabling them to keep abreast of the latest developments of the industry and extend their exposure and networks, thereby realising their personal and career goals.  The theme for the Award Scheme this year is "Equipping you and me for 15 years.  Take off!", coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong QF.

Since its inception in 2013, the Award Scheme has attracted more than 2 000 applicants from different industries, over 630 of whom were awarded.  Nearly 60 per cent of the awardees participated in overseas learning activities, while some 40 per cent were engaged in local learning activities.  The Award Scheme subsidises practitioners to participate in learning activities and helps reinforce their conviction in lifelong learning.  Through continuous learning, they are able to upgrade their knowledge and skills, become lifelong-learning role models for their respective industries, and help promote the QF.

The learning activities in which practitioners can participate under the Award Scheme include competitions, seminars, sharing sessions, exhibitions, and study tours.  Awardees engaging in local learning activities will receive an award of $10,000 while those engaging in learning activities outside Hong Kong will receive an award of $30,000.  In view of the full resumption to normalcy of society, large-scale industry events are being resumed locally and overseas.  Practitioners are encouraged to seize the opportunity to apply for the Award Scheme.

For details, please visit the website ( and the Facebook page ( of the Award Scheme.

For relevant press release, please visit

Government introduced Bill into Legislative Council for regulation of disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products

The Government submitted on 15 March 2023 the Product Eco-responsibility (Amendment) Bill 2023 (Amendment Bill) to the Legislative Council (LegCo) for the regulation of disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products.  Major proposals include:

1. Phased regulation of disposable plastic tableware

The Amendment Bill proposes prohibiting the local sale and provision of any disposable plastic tableware for both dine-in and takeaway customers, with implementation carried out in two phases.  In the first phase regulation, the sale of expanded polystyrene (EPS) tableware and other disposable plastic tableware that are small in size and difficult to recycle or to which there are mature alternatives will be prohibited, and so will the provision of such tableware to takeaway customers.  Moreover, the provision of any disposable plastic tableware to dine-in customers at catering premises will be prohibited.  The regulation will be fully implemented in the second phase.

2. Phased regulation of other plastic products

The Amendment Bill also proposes regulating the manufacturing, selling and distributing of a series of disposable plastic products, which will also be implemented in two phases.  In the first phase, it is proposed to ban the sale and provision of those products that either have established non-plastic alternatives or are not necessities.  Moreover, hotels and guesthouses are banned from providing disposable toiletries and in-room plastic-bottled water for free.  It is also proposed that the manufacturing, selling and free distribution of oxo-degradable plastics products be banned.

Subject to the progress of the scrutiny by the LegCo, the Government proposes that the first phase regulation commence six months after the passage of the Amendment Bill (in late 2023 or early 2024 at the earliest).  The timing of the second phase regulation will depend on the availability and affordability of the non-plastic or reusable alternatives.  The Government encourages the trade to get prepared for the relevant control measures, and jointly build a 'plastic-free' culture.  The Government will also promote the regulation to the trade and the general public to facilitate their understanding of it.

In order to encourage early adoption by the trade of more environmentally friendly non-plastic tableware in lieu of disposable plastic ones, and facilitate their better understanding of alternatives that can meet the requirements of the regulation, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has appointed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency to set up an online information platform for reference by the trade, tableware suppliers and the public.  The platform ( has been accepting applications from tableware suppliers since November 2022, and the information of the first batch of non-plastic disposable tableware products was listed on the platform in early March 2023.  The EPD will also establish an information platform on disposable plastics to share with the public the characteristics and pros and cons of different alternatives for the public to make well-informed choices.

Meanwhile, the Amendment Bill also proposes expanding the coverage of the producer responsibility scheme (PRS) on waste electrical and electronic equipment and optimising its operation and that of the PRS on glass beverage containers.  For details and the progress of the Amendment Bill, please visit

For details of the phased regulation of disposable plastic tableware and the phased regulation on various types of plastic products, please visit relevant press release at


Support service for real-name registration for SIM cards in post offices to continue until 31 March 2023

The Government said on 20 March 2023 that support service for real-name registration for SIM cards at the 18 designated post offices (see Annex) would continue until 31 March 2023.  Users of old pre-paid SIM cards (PPS cards) in need of such support service for reactivating their PPS cards which were deactivated for not having completed real-name registration by the registration deadline may visit the designated post offices to complete the registration in a timely manner.

Telecommunications service providers will continue to provide support to their customers by assisting PPS card users in need to complete real-name registration before service activation.  With the full implementation of the real-name registration programme for SIM cards on 24 February 2023, all SIM cards issued and used locally (including SIM service plans and PPS cards) must have their real-name registration completed before activation of service.  To date, more than 12 million SIM cards (including SIM service plans and PPS cards) have completed the registration.  The real-name registration programme provided a transitional period of around one year since March 2022 to allow sufficient time for users wishing to continue using their existing PPS cards to complete registration with their respective telecommunications service providers.  The Government, together with telecommunications service providers and social welfare organisations, provided various forms of support services for users in need during the transitional period.

Apart from visiting the retail outlets of their respective telecommunications service providers, users can also complete real-name registration through the respective electronic registration platforms.  Users who have successfully completed registration will receive an SMS notification from their telecommunications service providers.  Telecommunications service providers will not call (especially in the form of pre-recorded messages) their users and ask them to provide personal information for completing the registration.  They will not ask users to disclose information on their bank accounts, online bank account and password, credit card details, etc.  If in doubt, members of the public should contact their respective telecommunications service providers for enquiries and clarification.

The Government reminded members of the public that providing false information and/or false documents under the real-name registration programme may constitute a criminal offence.  Any person who knowingly provides another party with a SIM card registered in the name of others to facilitate the commission of an offense may be charged with aiding and abetting the commission of the related offence.  The Government urges the public not to defy the law by using PPS cards registered with other people's personal information, or by buying PPS cards that claim to have completed real-name registration from unknown sources in the market.  They should report to the Police immediately if they are aware of anyone selling others' identity information and registering PPS cards on one's behalf.

The Government will strengthen relevant public education and continue to undertake a series of monitoring and enforcement actions to ensure the effective implementation of the real-name registration programme.

For relevant press release, please visit


Topical Issues

Support Measures relating to Liquidity

In view of the cash-flow pressure of SMEs, SUCCESS has compiled a summary of support measures relating to liquidity.

More Details

SME ReachOut

Amid difficult business environment, HKPC knows SMEs are in the urgent need of cash to keep business running.  The "SME ReachOut" support team is here to help SMEs well equip for bouncing back, through introducing and matching the appropriate funding schemes.

"SME ReachOut", a dedicated service team operated by HKPC, has commenced operation starting from 1 January 2020 to support SMEs through free-of-charge one-on-one meetings.  The team would help SMEs identify funding schemes that suit their needs, while answering questions relating to applications.

There are over 40 funding schemes provided by the Government for SMEs, with different funding scopes, amounts and requirements.  "SME ReachOut" serves to enhance SMEs' understanding of the Government's funding schemes, with a view to encouraging better utilisation of the support provided by the Government, and to enhancing their competitiveness and development.

For further information or enquiries, please contact "SME ReachOut" Hotline / WhatsApp (Text Message Only) at 2788 6868 or email by or visit


Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD Fund)

The TID rolled out enhancements to the BUD Fund on 7 November 2022.

The cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise of the BUD Fund has been raised from $6 million to $7 million and the maximum number of approved projects per enterprise has been increased from 60 to 70.

HKPC as the BUD Fund implementation partner regularly organises seminars/webinars in order to enhance enterprises’ understanding of the BUD Fund.  For more details of the BUD Fund, please visit its website ( or contact the HKPC at 2788 6088.

Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS) of ICAC

A good governance system is vital for SMEs' effective operation, and can help sustain their company image and hence counterparts' confidence in doing business with them.  The Corruption Prevention Department of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has launched the Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS).  The CPAS is a specialised unit dedicated to providing tailor-made, free and confidential corruption prevention advice on system control in common business areas such as procurement and staff administration.  Enterprises can access its user-friendly web portal ( for details of the services and to get timely and useful resources on corruption prevention such as staff code of conduct, corruption prevention guides and tools, case studies, quick tips and red flags.

To receive regular updates on corruption prevention, please click here to subscribe to the CPAS e-news.


Free IP Consultation Service

The Intellectual Property Department (IPD), supported by the Law Society of Hong Kong, now provides FREE One-On-One IP Consultation Service for SMEs.  To obtain more information and/or apply for the Service, please visit IPD's dedicated website "Hong Kong – Regional IP Trading Centre":



Business News

GDETO Newsletter

The latest issue of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong (GDETO) Newsletter has been published.

More Details (in Chinese only)

Commercial Information Circulars (CICs) of the Mainland

The TID issued a number of Commercial Information Circulars (CICs) on the Mainland's trade and economic rules and regulations.  The latest CICs have been published. 

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