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Budget Analysis Worksheet for Starting up Business

While potential investors may have viable and innovative business plans, many may encounter liquidity problems and eventually suffer losses during implementation. This may be attributed to unrealistic budgeting at the starting up stage. ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Hong Kong and SUCCESS have prepared a "Budget Analysis Worksheet for Starting up Business" to provide a user-friendly tool for business starters to estimate the initial capital required, and the anticipated profit/loss and assets and liabilities position of their intended businesses. The estimated figures worked out from this Worksheet will serve as indicators for business starters to analyse the market positioning and strategies (e.g. business scale, level of product or service and target customers) of their new businesses. The Worksheet is for general reference only. Business starters should adjust the assumptions to take into account the unique factors that may affect their intended businesses.

Business starters may make use of the "Budget Analysis Worksheet for Starting up Business" to estimate the following figures for their feasibility studies: 

  • initial capital required;  

  • the relation between turnover and profitability;  

  • payback period;  

  • assets and liabilities position; and  

  • factors that may affect financial position (e.g. turnover, rent, profit margin, expenditures, inventory and credit period, etc.). 

Example of "Budget Analysis Worksheet for Starting up Business" (Read-only)

Template of "Budget Analysis Worksheet for Starting up Business" (in Chinese only)

Last Review Date : 25 February 2016