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Doing Business with Government

Government Procurement


The Government seeks to procure stores and services at the best value for money in a publicly accountable manner. Its procurement practices are underpinned by the principles of open and fair competition, transparency, pro-innovation and integrity. For details of Government procurement policy and procedures, please click here.

Government Logistics Department (GLD) is the Government’s central procurement agent for the purchase of goods and related services required by departments, and is also responsible for market research and sourcing, providing advice on the terms of tenders and contracts, conducting tender negotiations, etc. For details of GLD’s procurement services, please click here.

Supplier Lists

GLD maintains supplier lists of different categories of goods and services for sourcing. For smaller purchases, bureaux and departments generally procure by way of quotation. In this regard, bureaux and departments may maintain their own supplier lists for inviting quotations for the procurement of stores and services. SMEs which are interested to provide goods and services for the Government may apply for inclusion in the supplier lists through the following links:


The following websites provide information on the published government tender notices / quotation invitations:
  • Procurement and Contract Management System (PCMS) and e-Tender Box (ETB) . GLD maintains lists of suppliers of various goods and related services. SMEs can log into the PCMS to apply for inclusion in the GLD Supplier Lists and to check out the online services provided for suppliers. GLD suppliers, GLD subscribers and applicants for inclusion in the GLD Suppliers Lists can make use of the e-Tender Box (ETB) of PCMS to download tender documents, submit tender offers and make enquires.
  • Tender Notice of the GLD provides information on current tender notices of the GLD.
  • E-Procurement Programme enables SMEs to receive invitations from bureaux or departments (including departmental purchases of low-value goods and services) and submit quotations / tenders in response to the invitations.
  • Forecast of Major Government Purchases provides information on the planned major purchases of the Government through the Government Logistics Department over the next 24 months.

Individual bureaux or departments may also publish the tender notices on their own websites or send out invitations for quotation to suppliers on their supplier lists. These notices can be found at here.

Last Review Date : 28 October 2021